We use 3 million gallons of oil per minute. Per minute. Imagine all that oil…

Sculptor George Sabra creates pieces using reclaimed oil drums. Titled “Knot”, his work has shown at South by Southest Eco in Austin, TX, and again at the Grand Opening for the city of Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center (love that!). The piece is a “free-standing sculpture consisting of 32 reclaimed 55-gallon oil barrels representing global corporations that produce oil.”

From an Inhabitat article on his work:
β€œThe discarded 55 Gallon Oil Barrels were reclaimed and a machine needed to be designed and created that would crush these barrels. A second machine needed to be created to bend the crushed barrels into elbows. The machines themselves would be made from discarded and reclaimed parts.

In designing and building the machine that crushes the barrels, I went to a scrapyard most every day to see what material I can reclaim and re-purpose and when I needed a hydraulic power unit I was fortunate to find an old industrial Cardboard baler that had been discarded sitting right on top, there it was, like a gift for me. I rebuilt the hydraulic power unit and it worked perfect.”

The artist has worked with reclaimed materials before; in 2011 he created a piece out of thousands of plastic bottle caps after realizing that bottle caps are not recyclable.

To see more of George Sabra’s work, visit his web site.