Today is World Poetry Day. To celebrate, we are featuring artist and poet Robert Montgomery who is known for his poetry installations on billboards, signs, and walls around London and now, the world.

He recently teamed up with The Climate Coalition in London to create a solar-powered poetry billboard in Osterley Park. Robert says, “I think the ecological crisis we are facing is the major historical crisis of our time and our generation will be judged on it.”

Robert Montgomery’s art is often ephemeral; his work on billboards is later covered up; he sometimes sets his signs on fire; the trucks whose sides he’s used drive away, get painted over. This ephemeral nature of his work reflects the fragility and change in the world; the temporary crisis that captures our imagination before we move on to the next one. But his words last and have impact: photographs of his work are easy to find; his poems are popular inspirational quotes, and people are even getting his poems as tattoos.

For more Robert Montgomery poetry, I recommend googling “Robert Montgomery poetry”.