The BLM has made a big change to its web site in recent days.

As of March 25, the image on the BLM site was a photo of a boy and his father, hiking in a beautiful scene; a pretty one that says, “Hey come visit and walk on our BLM land. Well, your BLM land, actually, since it’s public land.”

Today, the image on the BLM site has changed. Now it’s a photo of a wall of black coal, with an official car next to it. This says, “Guess what? We’re going to sell leases and land to corporations who are going to be strip mining the shit out [your public] land. Get used to it. And don’t bother protesting because we have officials (i.e. enforcement with guns) to keep you off [your] land.

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke was quoted in the Washington Post, following the recent lease of 56 million acres of public land in Utah to coal development:

“The United States has more coal than any other nation on Earth, and we are lucky to be at a time in our history that we have the technology available to responsibly mine coal and return our land to equal or better quality after.”

It goes without saying that anyone who thinks they can “return” our land to “equal or better quality” after strip mining it for coal is seriously delusional, or is a lying sack of shit.New BLM