Yesterday, Dec 8, 2015, 1200 middle school children from the Miami Springs middle school depicted the Earth slipping through an hour glass to protest climate change. The video from that event is set to a song, Broken Sky, performed by a young brother and sister duo from Kokomo Indiana.

At one of the meetings in Paris this past weekend, a youth activist said to the mostly older male leaders of the world: “You’re all not going to be here in 2050. So talk to us [youth] about what WE want!”

It is our kids who will see the most devastating impacts of climate change. Within their lifetimes, seas will rise several feet, food shortages will be rampant, droughts will be worse, floods will be worse, storms will be worse, the number of refugees seeking asylum will explode, and cities around the world will become uninhabitable.

So yes, we should talk to young people about what they want, because it’s their future we’re condemning with our actions today.