Conservation photographer Benjamin Von Wong teamed up with weather photographer Kelly DeLay to create a stunning series of concept photographs showing normal people doing every day things with storms building in the background, to highlight the climate change crisis.

The two photographers put together a team, and set out to chase storms. They allowed themselves only 10-15 minutes to setup and tear down each shot so as to try to ensure the safety of the crew. That combined with the craziness of chasing storms across multiple states made for an extremely challenging photoshoot.

The results were worth the effort. The photographs are incredible. Each one uses the theme of “Climate change doesn’t care about…” to remind the viewer that we are in the midst of a crisis. It is difficult for us to see the crisis as we go about our daily lives; the climate change crisis is not visible like a storm, but it is a crisis nonetheless.

For more on the photoshoot, the rest of the photographs, and a behind the scenes video, see Von Wong’s blog.

And for an in-depth description of storm chasing and the experience of being on the shoot, along with some more stunning weather shots, see DeLay’s blog.