During COP21 in Paris in December, the faces of 7 “climate criminals” were plastered around the streets of Paris. These people are doing everything they can to deny climate change and prevent the world moving to renewable energy.

They are:

  • Benjamin Sporton, CEO of the World Coal Association;
  • Fiona Wild, representative of the mining giant BHP Billiton;
  • Marc Morano, executive director and chief correspondent of ClimateDepot.com;
  • Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the U.S. think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute;
  • Chris Horner, attorney and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute;
  • Bjorn Lomborg, a Danish author who doubts the urgency of climate change and solutions put forward by activists and governments;
  • James Taylor, senior fellow at climate denial lobby group Heartland Institute.

For more on how these people prevent progress on climate change, check out this web page with details on their lobbying and activities at Avaaz.

(And don’t feel bad for them; these are the same people who publish climate scientists’ personal information, leading to death threats and harassment. Yes, climate scientists around the world are regularly harassed by people who deny climate science. See this Popular Science article for more on how climate scientists are harassed.)