Earth Art Bainbridge

explores how art inspires us to understand our impact on the natural world and encourage us to take action on climate change.

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Earth Art Bainbridge is a program that brought together artists and our community to raise awareness about climate change through visual art, music, poetry, performance, experience and discussion. It was held during the month of April, 2016 to coincide with our celebration of Earth Day.

Art reflects where we are as a culture, and it gives us a way to understand and engage with difficult topics. Most of us have engaged with the topic of climate change primarily through facts and figures, by reading articles and hearing news about the science of climate change. It’s a huge topic that’s difficult to grasp intellectually.

By approaching the topic through art, we can offer our communities a new way to engage with climate change, and envision a future living with climate change.

Climate change is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. Our art and conversation can help guide us through this challenge.

Art Workshops

Art workshops were offered during and/or prior to April, 2016 to invite the public to create art works in groups, inspired by specific climate change issues.

Displays and performances

All April (2016), art works were on display and performed at various venues throughout Bainbridge Island.


Guest presenters and discussion

We had ample opportunities to discuss our response to the art works with community members.