Chris Boyer (@kestrelaerial) takes the most beautiful aerial photographs I’ve ever seen. He often posts his photographs with a story to go with them.

Here’s a photo Chris took of Wyoming, with the caption:

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, “Wyoming is one of a few states that allows the discharge of oil field produced water into surface waters for beneficial use by livestock and wildlife. Sixty-six wetland sites receiving oil field produced water discharges in Wyoming were surveyed …to determine the amount of chronic oil releases associated with these discharges. Separator pits were also surveyed to determine wildlife mortality and to assess implementation of wildlife deterrents. Although limited in scope, this survey of oil field produced water discharges in Wyoming shows that: inefficient oil-water separation is causing a chronic discharge of oil into some of the wetlands receiving oil field produced water…. Additionally, approximately 85 percent of the oil field produced water discharges surveyed went into ephemeral streams.”

It is clear why Scott “deregulator” Pruitt wants to deregulate the Clean Water Act, and in particular deregulate discharge into ephemeral streams–he must have a buddy in Wyoming.

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