If you are into podcasts like I am, and interested in climate change like I am, there are four podcasts about climate change I listen to regularly that you might enjoy.

Radio Ecoshock is a weekly podcast available via iTunes and SoundCloud. Host Alex Smith, who lives in BC, interviews climate scientists, authors, and other experts about climate change and its impacts. This podcast is often chock-full of great information and is always a learning opportunity. Alex has been doing this podcast for a long time, so there are loads of great back episodes to delve into.

The Elephant is a an excellent podcast about climate change. Host Kevin Caners asks great questions, the kinds of questions you’d ask if you were sitting down with Kevin Anderson or Noam Chomsky, which Kevin has done. Available at iTunes and SoundCloud.

Hot & Bothered is a fairly new podcast in the climate change scene, and is a production of Dissent Magazine, a quarterly magazine of politics and ideas. This podcast usually focuses on the politics of climate change, although their most recent episode featured Michael Mann explaining the concept of “tipping points” and what that means in the climate change jargon. Hosted by Daniel Aldana Cohen and Kate Aronoff, this podcast is available on iTunes.

Warm Regards is the newest climate change podcast of the bunch, launched just a month ago by Eric Holthaus, the Slate staff meteorologist. Eric has been writing about climate change for Slate for a while now, and so far the podcast feels like a way for Eric and his co-hosts Andy Revkin and Jacquelyn Gill to get more conversational and personal about climate change. Warm Regards is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

I listen to all four of these podcasts every week, as a way to find solidarity with others who are worried about climate change, and to learn more about the subject, find new sources of information and stay up with the latest science and politics of climate change.