About 25 people attended the Global Change, Local Art event at IslandWood on Sunday. Everyone made ribbons for the climate ribbon tree, and most people painted water colors and enjoyed walking around the 255 beautiful acres.

I had only about 45 minutes to go out and enjoy the trails, so I didn’t get much of a chance to make any art, but I did visit the suspension bridge, the pond (where I saw bufflehead ducks) and the garden where lots of veggies are growing, including kale, peas, herbs, and more.

I wish the whole world could be more like IslandWood, with green buildings, lots of open space, attention and care paid to keeping habitat safe, no nasty chemicals, great food, recycling and reuse, and of course, wonderful people.

Instead we have a world with way too much concrete, plastic, waste, fake food, chemicals and pressure to create more wealth for the lucky few at the top. How did that happen? How can we stop it? How can we change how we create the world we live in so it is a kinder, gentler place for all living creatures and plants? I often despair we have set in motion and unstoppable force that has taken on a life of its own, supported and fed by the need for constant growth.

Dandelions remind me that nature can always find a way. After humans are gone from this Earth, there will be dandelions, pressing their way up through the concrete, sprouting from small bits of dirt inside plastic bottles left in ditches, defying all chemicals we have left in the ground. As long as there are dandelions there is hope.