We are stunningly lucky to be alive on a planet that supports life. We are even luckier to be living in this brief moment in time when not only can we (here in the northern hemisphere, western world) take a hot shower any time we want, we can look out into the sky and observe our place in the universe.

The great tragedy of us, we tiny little specks of life on this tiny little planet in this massively huge universe, is that we take it for granted. And by taking it for granted we are ruining it for other species, and for future humans.

It is a tragedy, and yet it is also okay; everything goes extinct. It is the way of the world.

I am taking a moment to appreciate what we have, oh so briefly, on this tiny planet we call Earth, this place we call home. I just took a hot shower, on this cold and snowy day. And I appreciated every second of it.