“Industrial civilization is not and can never be sustainable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that any way of life that is based on non-renewable resources won’t last.” — Derrick Jensen

Insatiable is a painting by artists Theodore Bolha and Chris Davis. Theodore, a paper cutting artist, created the original design after reading Derrick Jensen’s book Endgame, and sent it to Chris, who added the color and lighting. It is now the cover of a new book, Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations, by Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg, who state on their web site, “Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity.”

The painting is powerful and difficult to look at. It portrays mankind as voracious, devouring the resources of the planet, leaving little behind but destruction. Natural resources that might have sustained a few hundred million, or perhaps even a billion, have been plundered in the space of a few short decades, at the expense of thousands of extinct species, collapse of the ocean ecosystem, and looming weather disruptions that will see us all end up over the edge of that dark cliff if we’re not careful.

It’s an incredibly dark and stark image. But we need this shakeup; not just a shakeup, we need a revolution. Will we get up off the couch and revolt? Even Pope Francis agrees we need a revolution to solve the bind we find ourselves in, to change the system deeply enough to avert disaster. Does this terrifying image scare you enough to join a revolution?

For more about Insatiable, follow Theodore Bolha’s blog: http://theodorebolha.tumblr.com/search/insatiable.

For more about Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations, check out the web site: https://creativeselfdestruction.wordpress.com/.

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