All eyes are on COP21, the UN Climate Change talks coming this November and December in Paris. To get into the talks… well, it’s tricky. Plus you have to go to Paris, and find a hotel room. Forget it. And if previous UN COP meetings are any indication, COP21 will not actually produce much. We can hope, but just about everyone already thinks it’s likely that we’ll miss the 2C target that is so vital for success based on pledges submitted by countries ahead of the talks.

A band of makers, designers, and eco-geeks have created the POC21 “alternative” to COP21. POC = Proof of Concept. Meeting for five weeks of co-making and co-living at Millemont Castle near Paris, this group is working on creating efficient and sustainable solutions to energy, food, and water issues. All tools and projects they build are open source: freely available to copy and share by anyone.

They are posting regular updates of their progress as they work towards a final exhibition to show off what they’ve made, and you can follow them on their vimeo channel and on twitter.

Artful innovation and invention!