“To this day, subsistence culture is the only time-tested mode of human sustainability on this planet. It is also the way of life that is being destroyed the fastest by civilization.

Civilization, which began just over ten thousand years ago in the Fertile Crescent, marks the beginning of a fundamentally different way of relating to the planet. The human element began to impose its own logic over the logic of the land. Before, human culture had been an extension of an ecosystem. Now we see our culture as separate from nature, a value system opposed to the principles and the workings of nature.”

— Dillon Thomson

Self portrait drawing by Nathan Watkins, a Seattle-based freelance graphic, web, and UX/UI designer, and illustrator, who says “[T]his piece explores the inseparable connection between humanity and nature and the danger of thinking of them as separate entities.”

Self Portrait Human Nature, Nathan Watkins