Shell Oil, like ExxonMobil, spent millions lobbying against action on climate change. But all along they knew of the dangers of climate change. We know because way back in 1991 they produced a video warning about the threat of global warming. They ignored their own video and proceeded to use the same tactics as ExxonMobil to convince people that climate change isn’t real, isn’t a concern.

As we all know now, these tactics worked. We squandered over 2 decades of precious time we could have been dealing with climate change, and instead had to spend that time fighting the big oil lobbyists. We have an administration and a right-wing party convinced that climate change isn’t real, or, if it is, that our actions have nothing to do with it. We can place the blame for that squarely on the shoulders of these big oil companies.

The Guardian uncovered this 1991 video and broke the story about Shell today.