Zaria Forman, an artist who makes large scale paintings and drawings of ice and water, recently presented at Google about her work communicating climate change through art.

She says “Every day we are forced to reckon with the looming issue of climate change, one that has become not simply an environmental issue, but a profoundly personal one as well. I believe that art has the ability to establish a personal connection to abstract concepts. Through my large-scale drawings of icebergs I seek to convey the beauty of these forgotten and rapidly changing landscapes while also imparting the urgency of the climate crisis. My travels with NASA and my own mother’s love of polar regions has instilled in me a deep respect for these monoliths of ancient ice that are melting at a rate much faster than they are growing. Through my drawings and a devotion to the positive rather than the negative, I hope to translate their awe-inspiring beauty to those who cannot experience them firsthand, so that they will be driven to protect them.”

In her presentation she talks about visiting the places that inspire her work and the importance of communicating about the changes that are happening in our environment. Her paintings are astoundingly beautiful and her message is urgent.