Imagine 2020, The Art and Climate Change network have published There Is Nothing That is Beyond Our Imagination, a book (June 2015) available to download free (PDF).

The book reflects the goal of Imagine 2020: to raise awareness about the question of climate change through dialogue with art. It is a collection of essays that begins with the vision of a possible end to humankind, this moment in which the future of our species is dangling over an abyss. Our only solution is to create a future through imagination and collaboration. We must imagine a future without fossil fuels. We must collaborate – on a planetary scale – to bring that to reality. The scale and scope of what must be done is almost incomprehensible, and yet… there is nothing that is beyond our imagination. As we read the essays in the book, “our imagination becomes a power which fulfills the nothingness from which we started.”

The essays in the book include contributions from artists, scientists, economists, historians, philosophers, and more, from many different countries and many different perspectives.

“Art is probably one of the most powerful mediums to help us imagine [a] new culture, to build it, to share it with as many people as possible. Artists who, through their disciplines, have the power to touch, to move, to make people think, to mobilise, are essential in the times we face.”