To limit global average warming to 2C, we need to be completely off fossil fuels by 2050.

To meet the demand for energy in the United States (without fossil fuels), we will need to build all of the following in the next few years:

328,000 new onshore 5 MW wind turbines
156,200 off-shore 5 MW wind turbines
46,480 50 MW new utility-scale solar-PV power plants
2,273 100 MW utility-scale CSP power plants
75.2 million 5 kW residential rooftop PV systems
2.75 million 100 kW commercial/government rooftop systems
208 100 MW geothermal plants
36,050 0.75 MW wave devices
8,800 1 MW tidal turbines
and 3 new hydroelectric power plants in Alaska.
We’d better get going. (From a study in Energy & Environmental Science by Mark Jacobson et. al.)

This graffiti art by Italian graffiti artist Blu on a building in Berlin says it all…