What is Growth? ribbons are now flying at the corner of High School Road and 305 to call attention to the high-speed growth that is happening in our community.

Every new infrastructure project we build generates CO2 emissions: the concrete and materials used to build the structures, the fossil fuels used in construction, the traffic the new infrastructure brings, and the stuff made and sold.

Our population is expanding so we need infrastructure to support the people: as population expands, inevitably our emissions and pollution goes up. Which is why it’s so very important to consider the impact of every new building in our community and ask ourselves: how do we want to build for a sustainable future?

Clear cutting trees, using standard building practices, building non-walkable community services… these are unsustainable for a viable future.

Keeping as many trees as we can, using green building practices, and making our community walkable (focused on human-powered transportation, rather than cars) is where we need to be heading, as fast as we possibly can. Even if it costs more. Because isn’t it worth a few extra dollars if we are saving our community for the future??

Think about growth in our community and how you want it to happen as you contemplate these colorful ribbons the next time you drive by this corner.