New Zealand and Australia are facing strong criticism for their weak commitments to tackle climate change so far, and their—shall we say—underwhelming pledges leading up to the UN COP21 climate summit in Paris (not that the USA is any better). They’ll be facing the music with other Pacific Island Nations at this week’s Pacific Islands Forum, but whether they will increase their commitments is yet to be seen.

Speaking of New Zealand, we have another funny video to share. We seem to be on a climate change humor roll lately, but with so much dire news about climate change coming in every day, humor is a good antidote, even if it’s about very unfunny topics. This funny video is from White Man Behind A Desk, aka New Zealander Robbie Nicol, who regularly takes on difficult topics and makes them funny. In this video he makes fun of the Catholic Church (and also showers some love on Pope Francis), and drops a couple of f-bombs, so watcher be warned 🙂

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