“To live in Seattle is to exist, perpetually, in the bargaining stage of grief. From October through May, generally speaking, it drizzles. Every day. This past fall and winter, we broke a 122-year-old record for rain and had only three sunny, mild days in six months. What gets us through the gray, like a mantra, is the promise of summer. Summers in Seattle are perfect, bright blue and fresh, and all winter long we assure ourselves, over and over, “This is worth it, for that.” Please let this one be a good summer, a long summer, a real Seattle summer. We need it. It’s our medicine.

This smoke is stealing our summer.”

— Lindy West, writing for the NY Times. She doesn’t describe the thousands of people evacuated from and losing their homes to the fires in BC, but she does mention the probability that smoke and wild fire will continue to get worse as climate change continues apace.

Photograph by Elisabeth Robson: Smokey Sunrise on the Salish Sea