The three r’s of the climate-catastrophe generation – reduce, reuse, recycle – need a serious upgrade. In their place I propose resist, revolt, rewild.

Resist debt. Resist careers. Resist chasing the dollar. Resist being sold that mass-produced gadget that will distract you from life and the people you’ll wish you spent more time with when you’re on your deathbed.

Revolt. If you don’t like the geo-social-eco-political consequences of fossil fuels, fracking, mining, quarrying, bottom-trawling, deforesting and general skullduggery, then stand up to the industrial system that demands them.

Rewild. Start playing a part in rewilding our landscapes. If you have land – a small garden, a farm, an estate – let as much of it as you can go wild and attract birds, insects, bees and other wildlife. Stop manicuring. Stop controlling. Stop spraying insecticide. Simply stop doing. As you stop these, start the long, fascinating road to rewilding yourself. As the wheel of life relentlessly spins full circle, the skills of the past will become the skills of the future.

— Mark Boyle, who has lived without technology since December 2016. From his essay, My advice after a year without tech: rewild yourself.