There is virtually no old growth forest left in British Columbia. While all climate change plans emphasize that ending deforestation of old growth forests is a priority, the destruction of these forests, these trees, these ecosystems continues apace. Centuries-old trees are being murdered every single day.

TJ Watt works with Ancient Forest Alliance to raise awareness of clearcutting old growth trees in British Columbia.

When TJ Watt first stood at the base of a towering western red cedar on Canada’s Pacific coast, the ancient giant was surrounded by thick moss and ferns, and the sounds of a vibrant forest ecosystem.

When he returned a few months later, all that remained was a massive stump, set against a landscape that was unrecognizable. “To come back and see a place that was so magnificent and complex just completely and utterly destroyed is just gut-wrenching,” he said.

Photography campaign shows the grim aftermath of logging in Canada’s fragile forests, The Guardian, December 2, 2020

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