Earth Art Bainbridge month is over, and what an incredible month it was! We had over twenty events, reaching almost every art genre. Bainbridge Island Review covered two events, the month-long email-a-tree and the fabulous Trashion Show. None of this could have happened with a tremendous amount of hard work on the part of the volunteers, organizers and artists who participated in Earth Art Bainbridge.

We are truly grateful to the many organizations who participated in Earth Art Bainbridge, allowing us to reach so many people in the community to raise awareness about climate change. Beautiful photographs of our local farmers at BPA by Joel Sackett, a sculpture showing our community’s love for the Earth by BARN artists, poems by contributors to Poetry Corners and poets Bobbie Morgan and Janet Knox, BI Photo Club’s photo show and movie about the documentary photographer Sebastiao Selgado, events for kids offered by Johnson Family Farm, Peacock Family Services, and KiDiMu, an art workshop and presentation at the BI Metro Park & Recreation District and co-sponsored by BAC, a play by Island Theatre, a presentation by Dan Kowalski for Travelogue, movies and an amazing Trashion Show by Zero Waste, workshops and a gallery show by Deborah Milton, Willows and contributing artists, a book offering by Kathryn Keve at Eagle Harbor Books, amazing flags for hope displayed at the farmer’s market space, and an art-making walk in the woods at IslandWood – it all came together to focus on this important issue, to get people talking, thinking, and sharing about climate change. We hope to keep the conversation going!

A *huge* thank you to everyone who participated, to Sustainable Bainbridge for supporting this project, and to the Bainbridge Community Foundation and the donors at the This Changes Everything event for funding Earth Art Bainbridge.

The Earth Art Bainbridge blog and events listing is still available at If you would like to contribute your thoughts about the events or climate change to the blog, please send them to me here at the web site.

Climate change continues to happen at a breathtaking pace. We have so little time left to make a difference for future generations. If you’ve been inspired to create art or do something about climate change, now is the time.