In Kayak, the award-winning play by Canadian playwright Jordan Hall, the main characters Annie and Julie represent the two perspectives that many of us have on climate change. Annie is the one who just wants to pretend it isn’t happening; the one who is tired of trying to be “green” and just wants life to be easy and convenient. And Julie is the one who is desperate to try to make a difference, to make a better world, to make people wake up and see the truth about what is happening.

Jordan says of Annie, β€œThe excuses she was making were fascinating to me, because we all make them. We are in a position where there is very little political will or infrastructure to help us live green lives, so we all make our accommodations and try to figure out how to get on with things.”

The play ran at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver, BC in January 2015. For more about the play, read Playwright Jordan Hall paddles her own course with Kayak, published in The Georgia Straight, December, 2014.