TEAR Australia has created the Live on One Planet campaign to highlight how we in Westernized developed countries use so many more resources than the planet can sustain: three planets worth.

The campaign asks: If everyone lived like an Australian (or American!) it would take three planets to sustain us. Can you live like there’s one planet, instead of three, for a week?

As part of this campaign, they’ve produced a video, One Planet, featuring poet and performance artist Joel McKerrow, artist ambassador for TEAR, and founder of the Centre for Poetics and Justice.

This short film is a powerful performance of Joel’s poetry as well as a visual masterpiece. It beautifully illustrates how climate change is affecting the world’s poor much more than the rich countries that contributed most to the problem, and is a reminder that we have just one planet to call home, and yet we treat her as if there’s a spare or two in the closet.

What would you change in your life to live like there’s only one planet?