On Saturday November 14, we helped to create 80 salmon windsocks which are part of a collection of 350 salmon windsocks going to Paris for the UN COP21 climate change negotiations. The Salmon is Life project aims to represent salmon—a keystone species on which entire ecosystems depend, and one which is vitally threatened by climate change. Salmon are the heart of the Pacific Northwest; without salmon, there would be no bears and no forest.

The salmon are painted onto waxed silk, batik-style, and hung up to dry. They are then ironed, and sewn together into a windsock, and attached to long sticks, which will be carried in a parade through Paris as part of the environmental protests during the COP21 talks (assuming these environmental events don’t get cancelled).

The salmon will then return to the Pacific Northwest where they will appear in other climate events, including Earth Art Bainbridge. We look forward to welcoming them home, along with the Salmon is Life creators—Paul, Denise, and Lisa—after their long journey to Paris.

Here are some photos from the Salmon is Life event last weekend.