Artist Nathalie Miebach turns science data into sculpture. She takes astronomy, weather, and ecological observations and then carefully translates those observations into sculptures made of natural reed and beads. As she says in her TED talk, every bead and reed string in her sculptures can also be read as a musical note, so her sculptures are also musical scores.

Her sculptures are like 3D graphs. She includes high tide, moon phases, water and air temperatures, and more. They are incredibly intricate and beautiful. She has tackled a wide variety of earth systems in her sculptures and scores, including recent work specifically on climate change. From her artist statement:

For my most recent project called “Recording and Translating Climate Change”, I gather weather observations from specific ecosystems using very simple data-collecting devices. The numbers are then compared to historical / global meteorological trends, before being translated into sculpture. By examining the complex behavioral interactions of living/non-living systems between weather and an environment, I hope to gain a better understanding of complexity of systems and behaviors that make up weather and climate change.

You can see more of Nathalie Miebach’s beautiful work at her web site.