Trump’s border wall is an abomination and a death trap for wildlife.

Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto has captured the diverse wildlife threatened by Donald Trump’s barrier, winning a number of awards, including the Fritz Pölking prize, with his project Border Wall.

See more horrific photographs of the abomination at his website: Border Wall.

From a Guardian article about Alejandro Prieto’s project:

There are already more than 650 miles of infrastructure along the border between Mexico and the US, including this section at Tijuana. These walls and fences cut through fragile ecosystems, separating areas populated by more than 1,500 plants and animal species, 93 of them listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable.

Building a high wall through the middle of a fragile ecosystem directly affects not only habitats but also the flow of resources such as food, protection and even mating partners.

The wall cuts through one of the most diverse and biologically rich regions of North America. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has warned that this impermeable barrier, associated human activities and bright light at night will negatively affect many endangered species.