During the COP21 Paris climate talks, a video projection representing more than 500 people was projected on buildings around Paris. Titled “The Standing March”, the video projection served as a reminder to the representatives participating in the talks that the world was, and is, watching. It also represented the missing in-person protests that had been planned for the city during the talks, and were banned after the terrorist attacks on November 13.

Artists Darren Aronofsky and JR conceived and collaborated to make the projection. The video was made by recording each person individually, and then combining those videos to create the group in the final projection.

“The facts have been settled and the answer is clear. We must back the world leaders who are here in Paris working for the future of our planet. We expect decisions, we expect commitments, and we expect timeframes. It’s about people, from Tuvalu to New Orleans, whose lives are threatened by climate change. The world depends on a solution.”

— Darren Aronofsky