Climate change is causing poor New Yorkers confusion about their wardrobes. Apparently, they’re even having to learn how to “layer” because of the lack of distinct seasons this year (I’m guessing a few would argue last year’s interminable East Coast winter was a distinct season).

We seem to relate unusual weather to climate change these days, what with it being a hot topic right now. That’s good. It should be a hot topic. Although confusing weather for climate is a problem, it may be very true that New York City’s lack of fall weather this fall is due at least in part to climate change.

I’m posting because this article reads a bit like satire at times, and is quite humorous in a weird way: like, “climate change is the biggest problem to ever face humanity and people are worried about what to wear” kind of humor. Well, I’ll take humor about this where I can get it, I guess.

We PNW’ers are praised for our ability to layer, which New Yorker’s are having to learn. Apparently (according to the NYTimes) layering leads to less sophisticated fashion. After seeing what New Yorker’s regularly wear (those heels!!) I’m just fine with that. I love my fleece and sensible shoes.

Residents of the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest, those leaders of the new economy, could be forgiven for never quite nailing it in the style department precisely because of their tricky layering challenges. In those places, the weather is unchanging over days, but each particular day can swing between sun-baked and bone-chilling. People dress less to achieve an overall look and more to have a ready arsenal of temperature regulators.

From Fall Fashion: Too warm to be cool.