Seattle’s G. Gibson Gallery is currently showing the work of Seattle artist Mary Iverson in a show titled You and Me in the Aftermath.

Her artist’s statement reads: “After the cataclysm that most of us feel is coming due to climate change, there will be a new sublime to inspire and frighten us.”

In her opening talk for the show, she added, “We’re going to walk through the rubble together.”

Iverson paints bucolic scenes, and then ruins them using a knife, then painting over them, often with cargo containers and perspective lines. In this ruin I see overconsumption and the incongruities between the softness and roundness and waviness of nature, and the harsh lines of concrete and steel made by us. This is an artist clearly disturbed by visions of a future where her Pacific Northwest home is spoiled, sending a message to us all: we must protect this beautiful place and the wildness around us, or it will be gone.

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