The amazingly talented Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, WA-based documentary filmmakers and photographers, are back at it with a new series for the TEAM network: Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring network. They’ve created TEAM Stories, following scientists who monitor climate and biodiversity in tropical forests, which have a huge role in the global carbon cycle and are home to over half of the world’s species.

Christine’s Story describes gathering data from monitoring stations high up in the forest. Christine Fletcher travels to Malaysia and climbs great heights to gather the data on temperature, rainfall, humidity, and solar radiation. This data is part of the big picture the TEAM network is putting together to better understand how tropical forests figure into the global climate picture, and also understand how climate change is affecting forests and the species that live there.

The entire TEAM Stories series is available to watch online, along with Benjamin and Sara’s terrific series Facing Climate Change, stories from the Pacific Northwest.

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